We have a fantastic range of products to help create the setting and mood you truly desire for your big day. As we proud ourselves as being best at sourcing unique quality products, we can help you with but not limited to the items below:


We provide decoration services for corporate events as listed below:

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    Christmas celebrations
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    Charity events

Birthdays / Baby shower

We provide decoration services for baby showers.

Please contact our team for a free consultation and we are able to customise your baby shower to your liking


Whether you want to have your ceremony in a church, garden or beach, we can make your wedding ceremony spectacular and none to remember forever as we have a huge range of products and items,

The Best Event Planner

We have so many world-class items including but not limited to the list below.

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    Backdrops and Drapes
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    Bridal Staging
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    Table Centerpieces
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    Flower Wall
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    Bridal Tables
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    Cake Table
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