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Birthdays / Baby shower

We provide decoration services for baby showers. Please contact our team for a free consultation and we are able to customise your baby shower to your liking Whether it’s your child’s 1st birthday or your birthday, from small to large birthday parties, we are able to decorate your event to your desire. We have option for D.I.Y for any pick from our convenient warehouse. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Where to From Here?


We would love to know more about your event and how we can help you create your magical space. Fill in our contact form for us to send you further information.


We invite you to book a complimentary styling consultation via phone, or in person at our Salisbury studio. This consult will give you the chance to discuss all things beautiful with our Creative Director, Nicole, and plan your amazing wedding or event!


We will need to know your venue, date and how many guests you are having. We will also need a contact phone number just in case we need to touch base to check any details.

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